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Our objective is to become a leading company in the pallets and plastic packaging solutions from the Atlantic to the Gulf. SASPAK is a turnkey supply chain solution provider, with a focus on the field of warehousing and logistics.  

Today we serve 11 markets throughout the Middle East and Africa, and we are growing each day.


Supply Chain & Warehousing Solutions

SASPAK is a well-acknowledged supply chain consultant covering warehousing, logistics, planning and procurement pillars. It offers turn-key solutions for a wide variety of industries ranging from the food & beverages sector to chemicals and petro chemicals. SASPAK role is to help companies enhance their operations and attain cost saving opportunities while optimizing their resources and capacities.

Rental & Leasing Solutions

Not worrying about investing in CAPEX related solutions is the dream of many firms that would like to attain certain opportunities while not having to pay in advance. Through offering rental and leasing services, SASPAK has granted the market a chance to convert such CAPEX solutions into running expenses which made it easier and more convenient to take advantage of. A total upgrade and enhancement of existing operations is now possible while adding a cost saving element on top.


One of the major elements of SASPAK products portfolio is plastic pallets. SASPAK has extensively invested in plastic pallets R&D; now it has one of the strongest pallets in the MEA region with up to 10 years of expected life time. Also, the portfolio includes woodchip one way pallets, plastic export pallets, metal pallets & wood pallets. Bulk storages tools such as cages, bins and IBCs are SASPAK newly introduced carton/paper packaging cost reduction solutions.

Automation & Traceability

With plastic packaging services come tractability options such as RFID. The entire solution is offered by SASPAK; it provides the software and hardware. Furthermore, SASPAK can integrate such options with the WMS.


SASPAK scope has been further expanded to include other plastic packaging tools such as closures, preforms and shrink film, stretch film and green house film. Also, glass packaging in pharmaceutical industries is part of the products portfolio including ampoules and vials.

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